Why visit Arusha?

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Africa 4th Highest Mountain

An attractive little town situated beneath the towering peaks of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, Arusha is the gateway to Tanzania’s northern wildlife area and is often the first port of call for travellers. Renowned as the safari capital of Tanzania, the town has numerous first-class restaurants, bars and markets and is the ideal place to spend a few relaxing days before embarking on a safari or attempting to scale Kilimanjaro. A picturesque little reserve situated near the town, Arusha National Park offers the perfect introduction to the world of safari, although it does not boast nearly the same variety of wildlife as the country’s top nature reserves. Arusha’s rural charm is amplified by the many beautiful coffee plantations that surround the town, many of them dating back to colonial times and offering tours of graceful plantation houses.

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